Harness the potential of the law for our clients’ success.

Who are we?

Bentam is a law firm dedicated to finance players.

Whether financing infrastructure projects, the public sector, companies or investments in France or abroad, our lawyers put their expertise in the services of all the stakeholders of financing transactions.



Our primary ambition is to offer our clients the exact service they need.

Every customer is unique. Every problem is different.

Our lawyers have a passion for the law and a passion for our clients. We believe that, whatever the situation, we must seek solutions out of the box.

Because we want our clients to achieve their goals.


Our conception of how to solve legal problems determines our organization.

To meet this challenge, we have chosen an interdisciplinary culture and a multicultural approach that expands the expertise and experience of our lawyers and their problem-solving skills.

Our ambition is to offer a unique experience of smart collaboration.


Sustainable development

We are committed to a sustainable economy for the preservation of what it is mostly valuable.
This applies to our investments and expenditures as well as to the companies that we wish to work with.

Diversity and inclusion

Respect for the human being is at the heart of our values.

We are committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion whose objective is to ensure an equitable work environment in which everyone, with their differences, feels heard and supported, in order to give the best of themselves.

“ We believe that, whatever the situation,
we must look for solutions beyond the beaten track. ”


We are constantly looking for new talent.
Our recruitment choices are based on the integration to our values and our culture.
Do not hesitate to send your application to: info@bentam.fr

Our mission

“ Harness the potential of the law for our clients’ success. ”