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Public and Private bond finance

Bentam assists the dealers (issuers, placement agents, investors) in setting up bond financing, in the form of stand-alone issues (public or private placements, listed companies or not) and Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programs. Bentam intervenes in bond finance for all types of issuers with a particular expertise in disintermediated financing for the public sector. In this regard, the firm's lawyers advise its clients on bond financing for local governments, public inter-municipal cooperation establishments (municipal, mixed, urban communities), public health establishments, mixed economy companies and issuers from the world of public housing.

Other market financing

Bentam has an equally strong expertise in alternative financing such as equity securities, associative securities and negotiable debt issuance programs (NeuCPs and NeuMTNs), as well as in loans governed by German law (Schuldschein and NSV).

Project finance

We have a well-known experience in renewable energy and infrastructure project finance. Our team assists lenders (banks, debt funds, investment funds) and developers in the structuring and implementation of their project financings: senior debt (bank or private financing), subordinated debt, mezzanine debt, green bonds, bridge financings, including legal and tax structuring and interest rate derivatives issues. Our team performs the due diligence on the projects financed, including all regulatory, contractual, financial and corporate aspects.

Asset and receivables finance

Our team has a proven track record in asset financing, particularly for industrial or rolling stock or equipment, whether through loans, leases, financial or operational leases, or through the use of trusts.

We are involved in receivables financing: domestic and international factoring, receivables discounting in infrastructure or tax credit projects, or other financing based on assignments of receivables.

Real estate finance

Bentam has extensive and proven expertise in real estate finance, including hotel finance. We generally advise lenders in connection with the financing of leisure and hotel assets. In particular, we have recently acted for banking pools in ultra-marine hotel financing schemes including a Girardin tax exemption dimension.
We also have experience in corporate real estate refinancing transactions, in particular with trust-based transactions.

Acquisition finance

We work alongside lenders (banks and/or bondholders) and borrowers in setting up, negotiating and drafting all financing documentation regarding acquisition transactions (LBO/unitranche).

Equity-bridge financings

We generally advise lenders in the setting up of bridge financings for the benefit of investment funds (FPCI, free partnership companies, Luxembourg funds, etc.) in the context of pre-financing the acquisition or divestiture of their assets. We advise lenders on the financing documentation, eligible securities and regulations applicable to these particular financings.


We assist buyers or sellers in their acquisition of assets or companies. In particular, we have extensive experience in the energy transition sector, where we regularly assist in the sale and acquisition of projects or developers, in both competitive and non-competitive processes.

Private Equity

We assist sponsors, investors or senior or mezzanine lenders in the context of private equity transactions, in particular development capital and LBOs, with a strong practice in the field of energy transition and mobility. We assist our clients with legal and tax structuring and the choice of legal tools, as well as the negotiation and drafting of documentation.


Renewable Energy

Our team has a very strong expertise and a recognized experience in energy transition, and particularly in the renewable energy sectors and mobility in the domestic markets (metropolitan and ultra-marine, but also international): photovoltaic energy (ground or other), onshore wind, biomass, gas, including self-consumption, in particular. We have a very strong experience of the value chain and our long experience allows us to intervene with the various actors and at the various stages of development of projects, technologies and companies. This is how we intervene in the structuring of the development of corporate projects, the negotiation of industrial contracts (supply, construction, maintenance, offtake including private purchase agreements such as corporate PPAs, etc.), mergers and acquisitions, investments, financings and refinancings.


Our project finance team is involved in public infrastructure projects, in particular heating networks, but also transportation or buildings and sports centers, whether in the context of works or services concessions and partnership contracts. We mainly assist lenders and investors.

Real Estate

Our team has recognized expertise in the real estate sector, including acquisition, development and planning transactions, including expropriation, and we regularly assist in structuring and implementing real estate financings. We have recently advised lenders in the refinancing of trust-backed corporate real estate, and in the acquisition of luxury and leisure hotel facilities.

Public Sector

We work with the public sector, and in particular with local authorities and their partnerships, as well as government-owned companies, for the structuring of their financing, in particular bond financing, in which we have very strong experience.

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